The Mississagi Valley

Chub Lake is located in the heart of the Mississagi Valley, which stretches from the tiny hamlet of Wharncliffe, 10 miles to our south, to the spectacular Aubrey Falls, 40 miles to our north.  Along this stretch Highway 129 follows the Mississagi River as it flows from the height of land to Lake Huron.
  • spectacular river valley carved in the granite rock of the pre-cambrian shield
  • in the transition zone from Great Lakes forest (mixed hardwoods, giant white pine, white birch) to Southern Boreal forest (black spruce, poplar, tamarack
  • unsurpassed fall colour
  • home to an abundance of wildlife including black bear, moose, deer, wolf, lynx, bobcat and other smaller mammals, as well as a great variety of birds and waterfowl
  • numerous lakes and streams
  • vast tracts of uninhabited Crown (public) land, with plentiful track and trail access
  • breathtaking scenery around every curve
Kegos Camp is located on  Chub Lake  in the Mississagi Valley, in the Algoma District, Northeastern Ontario, Canada

The Mississagi River

"for this is no ordinary stream, but a very King among the rivers"   - Grey Owl

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