Kegos Camp Housekeeping Cottages

Vacancies - May to September, 2020

For more detailed information on our rates, please refer to the Rates page

To confirm this information,  call 705-841-2503.  If the week or cottage that you want is booked, please call anyway. "Tentative" bookings are awaiting confirmation so may be available.  We will take standby bookings in case of cancellations. 



Bookings run Saturday to Saturday from June 27 to September 5.  Cottage 6 may be rented for short stays throughout the summer.  Overnight and short stays available in any Cottage before June 22 and after August 31.  Any vacancies not filled by 2 to 4 weeks prior (depending on the cottage) may be booked for shorter stays.  See rates page for short stay rates and details.