• Northeastern Ontario
    • vast, sparsely populated northern portion of the Province of Ontario in central Canada
    • extends from Great Lakes Superior and Huron in the south to James Bay in the north, from the Quebec border in the east to the Manitoba border in the west.
    • Kegos Camp is located 30 miles north of Hwy 17, between Sudbury (150 miles southeast) and Sault Ste. Marie, (90 miles southwest)
    • The Pre-Cambrian shield covers most of Northern Ontario. The height of land is approximately 60 miles north of Kegos Camp. Rivers north of that point flow north to James Bay, and south of there they flow into the Great Lakes. The economy of Northern Ontario depends largely on forestry, mining and tourism
    Kegos Camp is located on  Chub Lake  in the Mississagi Valley, in the Algoma District, Northeastern Ontario, Canada

    Satellite photo of a portion of Northern Ontario.  The arrow indicates the location of Kegos Camp.The large body of water at the bottom of the photo is Lake Huron, third largest lake in the Great Lakes system.
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